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Glenda Taylor Legacy


Glenda Taylor was an avid cyclist, racer, champion, mentor, and all around ambassador for women in the sport of cycling in Kansas. Her passion for racing was infectious, and her love of cycling was often matched only by her love of the people she raced with and against.   Glenda also enjoyed mentoring many new riders and racers, while still competing fiercely against them.  She also fought for equality and parity for women racers; especially women masters racers.  The Glenda Taylor Legacy Fund was established to honor her memory and to continue her efforts toward female racer recruitment and retention.

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More about Glenda

Everyone who knew Glenda seems to have a strong memory of a mentorship moment.  Glenda was not only a fierce racer, but also a USA Cycling official, a race registrar, and a frequent volunteer at races.  One of her most beloved traits was in how she shared her own love of cycling and racing with newcomers to the sport and how freely she shared her knowledge and expertise.  Glenda mentored hundreds of female cyclists in her time, many of whom who went on to also mentor new racers, and now even some of those racers are mentors.  Glenda’s gift to our sport is her legacy. 

Female Cyclist

“I met Glenda at my first race.  She introduced herself and rode next to me for a while, sharing tips about the race, including one important one about where and when the big attack would happen so that I could be ready.  As that point approached, she turned and looked at me, smiled and then took off.” 

Kathleen R

"I did not know her very well except seeing her on race days. I used to be a corner girl for many years until she talked me into trying out racing myself. She was truly a wonderful person who was always looking to encourage others to do their best!"

A'Laina B

"Glenda made everyone feel special. She saw us. She believed in us. Once we hit the start line at races, she brought the heat! She was a beautiful person, fearless, bold and gave all of herself, both on and off the bike. Glenda Taylor is an irreplaceable women in our community and her spirit most certainly lives on within every person she touched. "
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